Sick Leave changes

The law that regulates sick leave in Puerto Rico  was recently amended.   Now employees may use up to five days’ accrued sick leave- and provided they keep an equal amount in  balance –  to meet the care and attention, by reason of illness, of their  sons and daughters, spouse, mother or father; or  minors, elderly or disabled over  which they have legal custody or guardianship.

The enjoyment of the leave does not excuse compliance with those standards of conduct validly established by the employer such as attendance, punctuality, and medical certificates if the absence exceeds two (2) business days and regular reports on the continuation disease. Medical certifications required also apply to diseases or conditions of the children, spouses and parents of the employee as well as in the case of minors, the elderly or disabled in their custody or guardianship, as provided in  the Act.

This change applies to firms with 16 employees or more.

By Robert A. Fleming, business and employment attorney.