Puerto Rico Attorney – Employment Law: Robert A. Fleming

Puerto Rico laws are based on a legal system that operates within a self-governing territory of the United States that is formally known as “The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.” The territory operates within the U.S. constitution and has a mixed legal system that includes both federal and territory laws.  Virtually all federal labor and employment laws  apply in Puerto Rico.  Furthermore the Commonwealth has enacted a comprehensive set of  laws and regulations creating over the years a highly regulated workplace.  Within this complex legal framework, we have developed a comprehensive practice  to address the scope and range of our U.S. and local clients’ needs in a wide variety of industries, including banking,  utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, retail sales, individual executives and many others.

Our services and areas of experience in the labor and employment field include:

  • Employment counseling to assist clients to avoid legal risk and devise solutions to employment problems that affect  productivity.
  • Federal and State employment law and equal employment opportunity
  • Legal defense and representation on federal and state courts and administrative agencies
  • Labor Relations Law and Collective Bargaining under the National Labor Relations Act and the NLRB
  • Labor Standards Law under local and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Training programs for supervisors and  managers  to help them develop the knowledge and skills needed to respond to the legal challenges of today’s workplace.