confoficEmployment Attorney Puerto Rico- Labor Relations

As an employment attorney, one of our principal areas of concentration is  labor relations and traditional labor law. We advise clients on best practices for maintaining positive and engaging employee relations.  When facing  with an organizing drive,  we provide  strategic advice  to  deal with campaign tactics and the law applicable to union organizing.  We also provide ongoing legal support and guidance to minimize union penetration.

We provide complete assistance,  from  organizing campaigns to the litigation of unfair labor practices, the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and the processing of grievances and arbitration. We offer diverse collaborative arrangements and fee structures in a variety of industries including construction, medical, hospitality and gaming. 

Representative work includes:

  • Full representation before the National Relations Board and the Puerto Rico Mediation and Arbitration Bureau
  • Preparing contract proposals and counter-proposals.
  • Serve as main negotiator / spokesman for the company’s negotiating committee.
  • Assisting companies to assess economic impact of proposed agreements.
  • Strategic and operational advice in labor disputes & conflict.
  • Meetings with union representatives on matters of administration of the agreement and grievance process.
  • Train staff to improve relations with union and delegates.
  • Train staff in grievance process.
  • Represent clients in allegations of unfair labor practices, election petitions and challenges, injunctions and other matters.
  • Grievance arbitration in areas such as: disciplinary measures, demotions, wage disputes, working hours, working conditions, denial of promised benefits,  unfair actions by supervisors or management.
  • Litigation to enforce  collective bargaining and manage strikes and lockouts.