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Our personal injury attorneys Puerto Rico provide high level representation to those who have been injured in an accident or suffered harm due to the fault, negligence or wrongful acts of others. When a court finds negligence it  means that the other party failed to act with reasonable care. Fault is more akin to  intentional harm; meaning the other person set out to hurt you such as in the cases of assault and false imprisonment. Our focus as personal injury attorneys Puerto Rico is to aggressively pursue our client’s best interests through the legal system until justice is served.  The objective being  to redress our client’s damages with optimum results.

Vehicle and truck accidents are one type of case our personal injury attorneys in Puerto Rico handle.   These might be caused by driver negligence, inadequate safety systems, mechanical failure and issues with roadway safety. Not only are people in vehicles at risk, innocent bystanders, pedestrians and bicyclists are injured and killed every day due to vehicular negligence.  Other type of cases include slip-and-falls, boating accidents, food poisoning, injuries at recreational parks, defective design of equipment, product liability and wrongful death.

It is important to know that Personal Injury/Tort laws vary from state to state. In Puerto Rico the legal system is based on civil code not on traditional common law as in the U.S. Thus, if you have suffered a personal injury, it is essential to talk to  personal injury lawyer in Puerto Rico since the local attorney will have experience in this jurisdiction.

The law that governs personal injury is Article 1802 of the Puerto Rico Civil Code.  It establishes that a “person who by an act or omission causes damage to another through fault or negligence shall be obliged to repair the damage so done.” P.R. Laws Ann. tit. 31, § 5141. Negligence has been defined as the failure to exercise due diligence to avoid foreseeable risks.

Our personal injury attorneys Puerto Rico  have over 20 years experience representing individuals that have suffered personal injury on a negligence theory under Article 1802.  This means that a person filing suit must claim  and prove a physical or emotional injury (proof of damage)  a negligent or intentional act or omission and a causal connection between the injury and the defendant’s wrongful conduct. The limitations period for personal injury claim  in Puerto Rico is one year.

Fleming is a business attorney in Puerto Rico that  began his legal practice as a personal injury defense attorney handling claims against tortfeasors and leading  insurance companies.  During his professional career he has represented over ten different insurance companies  and tried to conclusion lawsuits in most of the superior courts in Puerto Rico. Currently, Fleming  mostly represents plaintiffs in state and federal court who have been injured and seek redress for the injuries sustained.

Recent sample awards and/or settlement includes:

  • Negligent supervision of minor by private school causing psychological damages: $100,000+
  • Out of state individual suffering  fall in hotel resort: $150,000+
  • Out of State individual suffering fall while visiting a tourist attraction: 200,000+

Our  personal injury attorneys never charges legal fees – unless the case is won.

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